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About Us

DAV MODEL SCHOOL, DURGAPUR is affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi and has classes from Nursery to Class XII. At present it has a huge student strength of about 5000. It offers Science, Commerce and Humanities  streams at plus 2 level besides the vocational streams of IT Application, Physical Education and Fine Arts.

 The tastefully architectured building of DAV Model School, Durgapur is set on 8 acres of land amidst lush green environs of the steel city. It offers the perfect ambience with its highly sophisticated infrastructure that comprises of airy, well ventilated, spacious and fully furnished classrooms.

The school boasts of a four block majestic edifice- the D.Pal Block houses the main administrative section along with secondary section, the N.D.Grover Block is the primary wing , the Pehla Kadam is the Pre-Primary wing and the newly constructed Mahatma Hans Raj Block is the senior secondary wing.


The school has a modern state of the art Kshudiram Bose Auditorium. It is used for multifarious activities like conducting house activities, interschool competitions, indoor tournaments etc. apart from being a permanent platform for cultural stage presentations.

Science Labs

Learning becomes a passion as young scientific minds are provided with practical knowledge in the scientifically equipped laboratories with fool proof safety arrangements. There are separate labs for the three branches of science Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab. The labs store, display and provide all requisite material, provision and instruments for experimentation.

Computer and IT Lab
In sync with the modern digital world of today the school has three well furnished air- conditioned computer cum IT labs. More than  150 computers of the latest configuration and Multimedia  facilities aid the computer training and education that are a part of the school syllabus right from class 1. Latest software and net connectivity is available for ready use of students and teachers.
A Library is an indispensable part of any good teaching institution and the school houses two well stocked libraries with an additional reading room to create an aura of learning. The library has more than 10,000 books in its lending section. The reference section holds 10,000 books, journals and encyclopedias. The school also subscribes for more than 20 monthly magazines and 8 daily newspapers. Thus the library proves to be a virtual reader’s paradise.
Music, Dance and Art Rooms

Music, dance and art add dimension to education. Rooms are constructed exclusively for music, art and craft in the school. All modern as well as traditional musical instruments are available to cater to the varied interests of the young learners. The artistic bent of mind finds the right expression in the perfect ambience of these rooms.

Playground and Multigym

Sports and games are an integral part of the education process in the school and the school is the proud possessor of a huge playground with fields for every outdoor games.In addition to this the school also has a Multigym aptly furnished with latest machines , exercising equipments and excellent workout facilities which include tread mill, exer bike, gym station etc.


The school believes in holding on to the rich Vedic culture and to foster its concepts in students it organizes weekly Yajna in an aesthetically structured yajanshala where havans are performed and the students are introduced to rich spiritual practice that transcend beyond narrow limits of caste, colour, language and creed.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co- curricular activities form the crux of a child’s school life as it helps to bring  out the best in a student and perfects him to face the world with confidence. The four-house framework of activities aid to organize various intra school competitions.  A plethora of open contests such as debates, extempore, elocutions along with cultural activities like dance, drama & music competitions not only add a sparkle to the routine life but also pave the way for transforming individuals into dynamic outstanding personalities. The students are also assessed on the basis of their participation and performance in all co-curricular activities. The House system helps to develop a bond among students and arouse team spirit. It also harnesses self- discipline, punctuality and obedience besides instilling in them the quality of leadership.

The four houses are :  

  • Aurobindo House(blue colour)
  • Dayanand House(yellow colour)
  • Gandhi House(red colour)
  • Tagore House(green colour)

Each house is headed by a House Captain and a Deputy House captain. A committee of teachers headed by a House Master and a House Mistress guide and steer the activities of the students of their house. 

Annual Celebrations

Every year the activities of the session culminates with the celebration of the annual cultural program and a prize distribution ceremony. These are presented with immense zest and enthusiasm in form of medley of pantomimes, plays, bonanza of melodious songs and enrapturing dances. The presentation attracts a huge crowd comprising of renowned people from all walks of life. The latent talent and potentials of the young ones find expression on this wonderful platform.

Prize winners of the academic session are felicitated on this momentous day. Besides academic prizes students who have excelled in the district, state and national level are also honored.

The school also takes pride in awarding a special category of prizes ‘School Achievement Awards’ each academic session for the outstanding performance in academics and co-curricular activities.

Investiture Ceremony
At the on set of every academic year the investiture ceremony is which the school’s senior perfectorial council is appointed and entrusted with responsibilities and duties they would undertake in a simple dignified ceremony where badges are given. The badges symbolize the office of importance that has been entrusted to them. Through the solemn oath the captains and perfects swear to remain committed to their duties and responsibilities towards their alma matter. They remain focused in their endeavour to create an ideal atmosphere in school working in cooperation with the teachers.
Sports Day

An agile body nurtures an able mind , keeping this in mind the school emphasises  sports and games for the overall development of the individual. The school hosts an annual sports day every year with an array of athletics and sporting events. Activities that not only discipline the body but also the mind like yoga, and martial art are given ample importance.

Fete and Exhibition

The school organizes annual exhibition with great fervour and splendor where students display several creative and innovative exhibits. The annual fete is a galore of gaiety and colours. Fun, frolic, feast and fest are presented through entertaining games and delicacies to tickle and palate.

To keep the teachers abreast with the rapidly changing pedagogies of modern teaching and adapting techniques that are in tune with the times, seminars, teachers training, workshops and programs are organized by the school.
Tours and Excursion

In order to make teaching and learning process more effective and interesting the school organizes tours and excursions to various destination in the country. Students are encouraged to participate in these educational. Informative and entertaining trips. These trips serve as a catalyst encouraging them to make projects with practical knowledge and self sufficiency.


The school bids farewell to the outgoing batch (class 12) in a glittering function where the students travel down the lanes of nostalgia sharing their experience of school days before parting. Class 11 students organize & present a cultural program. The school authorities take immense of pleasure in presenting aesthetically designed mementoes along with best wishes to the class 12 passing out students.

Counseling for the student

DAV Durgapur recognizes the challenges that the present days students face and so gives them the required knowledge to face the competitive milieu. A counseling cell functions with the aim of guiding students and it helps them making the right choices about a course of studies for a brighter future. Several career counseling sessions are held throughout the year, introducing to the students various courses & option available. Literature from leading institutions are regularly put up on the display boards. Guest speakers from established institutions are invited for an interaction with the students.


The NCC plays an active role in instilling in students of the school, the spirit of brotherhood, social service and attempts to impart in them the habit of rigorous physical exercising and participate in activities and training that are both imperative for a healthy body and mind.

The school NCC began in 2004 and got the affiliation for senior division in 2008. Presently there are more than 120 Cadets in the making.

Reaching out

Apart from the inter-house and inter-school co-curricular activities the school also reaches out to the citizens of the township through various social and environmental awareness activities.

Observing the Vanmahotsav, Human Rights Day, World Aids Day, International Day for Handicapped International Labour Day etc. are a part of Annual School activities.

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